Picketing shift times can change depending on circumstances and it would be duly announced. For now they are

Monday to Thursday: 7 am – 11 am /11 am – 3 pm/ 3 pm – 7 pm

Friday shifts overlap one hour and end at 5 pm: 7 am – 11 am /10 am – 2 pm/ 1 pm – 5 pm

How it works:

  1. Claim your picket line. Members working in the Faculty of Math And Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences picket at the St.David’s Road line. Members who work in the Faculties of Humanities, Education, Applied Health Sciences, and Business picket at the Round About line.
  2. Select the shifts at which you are able to picket.
  3. Email the picket captain of the shift (in table below) with the days and times of your shifts.


Math and Science and Social Sciences


Humanities, Education, Applied Heath Sciences, and GSB

MONDAY-THURSDAY                         FRIDAY                   CONTACT
7 am – 11 am 7 am – 11 pm Lauren
11 am – 3 pm 10 am – 2 pm Stephanie
3 pm – 7 pm   1 pm – 5 pm
MONDAY-THURSDAY                         FRIDAY                   CONTACT
7 am – 11 am 7 am – 11 pm Nathan
11 am – 3 pm 10 am – 2 pm Greg
3 pm – 7 pm   1 pm – 5 pm

Morning shift: Lauren lauren.wilks9@gmail.com

Midday shift: Stephaniestephanie.villers@hotmail.com

Afternoon shift: Francis skytone200@gmail.com

Morning shift: Nathan   nathancecckin@gmail.com  

Midday shift:  Greg grjackson@live.ca

Afternoon shift:  Jill jillditillio@gmail.com

For alternate duties that include work on the Strike Benefits Committee, email Ian Wood at treasurer@cupe4207.org. Same shifts and same hours apply, as indicated above for the picket lines.

Remember that if you want to receive strike pay, you need to engage in strike-related duties = picketing or alternate duties (in the strike office) 20 hours a week in increments of 4 hour shifts a day. This is four hours a day times 5 days = 20 hours. If you require exemption to hours picketed due to working outside of campus or long commute please contact the union asap!